Do you suffer from a lack in density and thinning hair?

If you cannot stand seeing your hair thinning, losing their volume, we can help you by increasing your hair density with Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) while matching your natural hair color.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Women - How Can it Help?

The appearance of a full head of hair is the crowning beauty for many women. No matter where you come from, it is highly desirable to have thick and full hair. The reality, however, is that many conditions lead to women suffering some form of hair loss. About 80% of women experience it by the time they reach 60 years of age.

There are many reasons this can occur including:

  • Hormonal changes such as due to pregnancy or menopause
  • Female pattern baldness
  • Traction alopecia
  • Aging
  • Extreme stress
  • Side effects from medications such as with chemotherapy

While both men and women can experience hair loss, there is a distinction. For the majority of female cases, hair loss occurs around the top of the head. A woman will typically notice the scalp becoming gradually more visible as the hair is lost or thins.

It is difficult to predict if damaged hair follicles will recover or simply shrink and stop growing completely. To make matters worse, most women are not good candidates for hair transplants. They do not tend to have good donor sites to transplant hair from, making the success rate of this procedure quite low for women.

Scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) is known to many as scalp tattooing. This highly effective cosmetic treatment offers an effective way for women to disguise their hair loss, without the worry of high cost or maintenance.

SMP for women

Unlike classic tattoos that make use of a wide range of inks and needles, SMP relies on organic pigments and more specialized equipment. Practitioners must also be specially trained to ensure quality results.

The treatment often requires around 3-4 sessions, with each one lasting anywhere between 1-6 hours. The time spent depends on the size of the scalp being worked on.

The procedure involves the creation of spots that mimic the appearance of hair follicles. They are layered in different sizes to give a natural shadow effect. This gives the appearance of a complete and healthy head of hair as the scalp is covered up, leaving a seemingly thicker and fuller hair.

Benefits of SMP for Women

SMP for women

  • Restored Confidence
    Being able to look in the mirror and see your hair looking restored is a great confidence booster. You do not have to cover up and you can be assured to draw admiring glances rather than negative attention.
  • Faster and Long-Lasting Results
    The effects of SMP procedures can easily last several years before you notice the need for a touch-up. This is much easier and lasting than other cosmetic options like wigs, weaves, hair fiber and spray on hair. You should see a gradual improvement in your appearance with each subsequent treatment session.
  • Safe
    Being less invasive than transplants, this procedure is much safer and easier to recover from. In the hands of well-trained practitioners and a sterile clinical treatment environment, you can also be assured of minimal risk of infections. Organic pigments also reduce the risk of any bad reaction.
  • Quick Recovery
    Because SMP is minimally invasive, there is little disruption to routine. The procedure is typically painless, with any discomfort or minor pain treatable with numbing cream. There is usually some redness that lasts just a few hours after each session.
  • Cost Saving
    Hair transplants can be less cost-effective and the procedure can sometimes produce unsatisfactory results. Cosmetic cover-ups like quality wigs and weaves can add up in cost over the years. With SMP you get a solution that will last you several years, with no special maintenance costs to keep up in the meantime. The cost of the procedure itself will mostly depend on the size of the scalp being worked on.


  • SMP is a premium hair loss treatment that requires specialized training and equipment. At the Hair Scalp Center, in Bangkok, Thailand, we have invested in state of the art technology and acquired specialized training from pioneers in the field of SMP from both the US and UK. Our talented and award-winning team has successfully treated many men and women suffering different types of hair loss, allowing them to regain their looks and self-confidence.
  • Our practitioners are highly skilled, they were trained from the best world-renowed SMP academies to provide you with the most natural results.
  • Our pigments are made for scalp and do not discolor over time and last long, as opposed to the pigments used for permanent make-up.
  • We do not create microblading strokes on the scalp as in the long term, the strokes becomes blurred and it eventually looks like the scalp was painted.
  • Multiple shades of color are usually selected to match your overall hair color.
  • We look at your medical history before starting the SMP treatment to ensure its efficiency.
  • Our clinic follows high-level standards of cleaning and sterilization, similarly to what can be found in hospitals.
  • We have gained a deep knowledge of the skin anatomy which allows us to better understand the right needle depth and the pigment retention to obtain better results.
  • We can use a numbing cream to minimize the pain during the procedure, yet you should be aware that it has side effects on the skin hardness and pigment visibility during the procedure.
  • Besides cleaning our equipment with hospital grade disinfected wipes, we are among the first SMP clinics to use an autoclave to sterilize our equipments.
  • Our clinic is a unique space in Asia entirely dedicated to SMP, where it is spacious, comfortable and clean.


Hair Scalp Center team

Our team of SMP practitioners is led by Nisanard (Nisa) Do Minh. Nisa is a renowned permanent make-up master at MonaNisa Beauty who began mastering scalp micropigmentation in 2013, learning from world-leading SMP trainers: Bryce Cleveland from Scalpa, Toni Belfatto, Simon Lane from Brandwood Clinic UK and Matthew Iulo from Scalp Micro USA. She continuously shared her knowledge with her fellow technician Thanakom (Tum) Yardthaisong.

Thanakom attended a master class with world-renowned practitioners Matthew Iulo and Jonathan Gerow.

Hair Scalp Center was one of the first clinics in Thailand and Asia to be certified by Team Micro (formerly Scalp Guru) as one of the world's best scalp micropigmentation clinics and practitioners. Nisa was awarded "Asia Artist of the Year" at the World Scalp Micropigmentation Awards 2019 in Orlando, Florida, USA. Thanakom was also nominee for the same award.

As a team, they have provided SMP treatments using advanced SMP techniques to a very large number of highly satified clients.