The final result depends on each individual.

SMP for men

  • SMP for men

  • SMP for men

  • SMP for men

  • SMP for men

  • SMP for men

  • Before and after picture of scalp micropigmentation (SMP) along with sideburns on a Thai man

    SMP for alopecia

  • SMP for men

Hair Scalp Center is specialized in Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) for both men and women and camouflage of scalp scars due to FUT or FUE hair transplants or accidents.

We were certified by internationally renowned SMP academies and are recognized as one of the best SMP clinics and training centers in Thailand and Asia.

We received the award for the “Asia Artist of the Year” at the World Scalp Micropigmentation Awards 2019 and we were among the finalists of the 2018 and 2019 world's best scalp micropigmentation professionals, a vote made by the best SMP practitioners in the world.

We have provided SMP treatments in Bangkok, Thailand since 2013 and can design hairlines to match your style.

We use pure black carbon-based pigments specifically made for scalp that are MRI-safe and long-lasting.
Our facilities are compliant with local and international standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Our SMP clinic is collocated with MonaNisa Beauty, located not far from Bangkok's Ari neighborhood in Thailand.

Awards we have won

World Scalp Micro Pigmentation awards Asia Artist of the year (Winner) 2019
Team Micro Best International Technician (Finalist) 2019
Scalp Guru Best International Technician (Finalist) 2018


Please send us pictures of your front, sides, back and top of your head so that we can give you a cost estimate.
We will also be able to make a before after mockup picture to give you a rough idea of the final result.

We accept debit or credit cards without any surcharge fee. If you pay cash, you will benefit from a 3% discount.


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Reviews and testimonials from our clients


Hair Scalp Center team

Our team of SMP practitioners is led by Nisanard (Nisa) Do Minh. Nisa is a renowned permanent make-up master at MonaNisa Beauty who began mastering scalp micropigmentation in 2013, learning from world-leading SMP trainers: Bryce Cleveland from Scalpa, Toni Belfatto, Simon Lane from Brandwood Clinic UK and Matthew Iulo from Scalp Micro USA. She continuously shared her knowledge with her technicians Jakkrit (Krit) Laodee and Thanakom (Tum) Yardthaisong.

Krit further improved his skills by attending Adi Schendel's training program while Thanakom attended a master class with world-renowned practitioners Matthew Iulo and Jonathan Gerow.

Hair Scalp Center was one of the first clinics in Thailand and Asia to be certified by Scalp Guru as one of the world's best scalp micropigmentation clinics and practitioners. Nisa was awarded "Asia Artist of the Year" at the World Scalp Micropigmentation Awards 2019 in Orlando, Florida, USA. Krit and Thanakom were also nominees for the same award.

As a team, they have provided SMP treatments using advanced SMP techniques to a very large number of highly satified clients.