Lalit shares his SMP experience at Hair Scalp Center

I'm from the UK from London and I'm a teacher. I've been in Thailand for 6 years.
I'm an expat and I chose SMP just because 31 years old and hair was going quite quickly and just wanted to have a choice for what kind of look I wanted and I thought SMP gave my head shape the right look so that's why I did my research and I was like: "Alright, let's do SMP rather than the hair transplant."
How many sessions did you have?
3 sessions: I had a 2 week gap between the 1st and 2nd session and then a 4 week gap between the 2nd and 3rd session.
Did it hurt?
Not really, like first time: not at all. 2nd time, it was a little bit more uncomfortable and probably about the same this time but bearable like it's fine.
What do you think of the final SMP result?
It's always nice when you see it after straight away but it's still a bit red but it's always nice after like maybe a week.
You kinda see it set and that's when you're like: "Ah yes! I've made the right choice." And you feel like you're satisfied. I think 1 week later, you are fully satisfied.
Still it's great but you got the after effect that is still there after the, straight after the session.
Result before and right after the 3rd SMP session | Hair Scalp Center | Bangkok, Thailand
Result before and right after the 3rd SMP session
How did people react to the SMP result?
My family, they don't notice. They think: "Oh there's something different Oh you look ..."
But compliments, lots of compliments. If I feel like, I'll tell them but I'm just like: "Oh thanks!" Otherwise, yeah... positive, positive things.
Does SMP help make you feel better?
It's just, you know, I'm 31, I mean I've started to lose my hair when I was 26-27 and you know, my parents are...
they'd just say it straight out: "Oh you look old, oh you look bald" or you know... So I was like: "Oh, this is getting in my head a bit."
So yeah I think it's a great solution.
It's maybe feel a lot better just confidence wise about my hairline, head shaven and just how I look.
Would you recommend Hair Scalp Center?
Absolutely so I was lucky to be in Thailand I think you guys are probably, probably the best SMP people in South-East Asia.
And you guys, your team is perfectionist. I think it's the best way of putting it, like you really care about every minor detail and I think it shows. So absolutely Hair Scalp Center, all the way!
Before SMP
Right after 3rd session
Before SMP
Right after 3rd session
Before SMP
Right after 3rd session