I did my scalp micro pigmentation with Hair Scalp Center. Nisa and the ladies are absolutely wonderful and did an excellent job at resorting my hairline. It looks so natural and I am incredibly pleased with the results.I would definitely recommend going there if you want to restore your hairline without a doubt.
After 3 sessions with Nisa and her team, I am amazed with the results. Absolutely fantastic experience and I highly recommend getting your SMP treatment done here.
Thank you Nisa and the team for the wonderful job you did with my hair. The SMP is undetectable and looks very natural. People just said to me, "Nice you have a hair cut." I just chuckled. I would definitely recommend it.
The Bangkok Hair Scalp Center is a delight from making the appointment through Nok to the skilled and professional experience of seeing Nisa. I would recommend the clinic to anyone who is thinking of SMP either as a treatment from the beginning or a touch up. Cheers John.
I had the pleasure of visiting Hair Scalp Center in Bangkok, and I must say they did an amazing job! The entire experience was both warm and professional. Nisa, Saa, and Muay are the best team! They understood what I wanted and were spot-on in providing it. I was most definitely in good hands.
The team was skillful and gentle and created a relaxing atmosphere. The ambiance is inviting, and the professionalism is commendable. It's clear that they take pride in providing top-notch service.
I wholeheartedly recommend Hair Scalp Center to anyone seeking a premium experience in Bangkok. Nisa, Saa, and Muay have a touch that sets them apart.
Thank you ladies! A shout out to Nok too! She took care of me and made coordination very easy, so thank you too. I'll be back for a touch up later on. I encourage others to indulge in the excellence that this salon provides.
This is not a paid review, and in fact I never review anything, but they deserve every bit of 5 stars.
I discovered this clinic through YouTube and quickly reached out to them for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). After reviewing my photos, they estimated that the treatment would require three sessions. The first session laid the foundation and involved designing the hairline.
Nisa, the specialist, consulted with me to decide between a sharp or natural look, tweaking the design until I was completely satisfied. The second session involved intensifying the color, which really brought the hairline to life and left me smiling. In the final session, Nisa skillfully added fades and subtle irregularities, achieving an impressively realistic finish.
Post-treatment, I found myself keenly focused on my hairline and desired some minor adjustments. Their response to my emails was swift, usually within five minutes, and they were always accommodating, ensuring I was fully content with the final result through additional touch-ups.
The clinic is impeccably clean, and their operation is highly professional, with a clear focus on customer satisfaction. It's no wonder I saw many expatriates visiting during my appointments.
For anyone considering SMP, this clinic stands out as one of the finest, not only in South East Asia, but likely on a global scale as well.
I had a great experience!!! The staff paid great attention to detail. It is an art that they perform. I could tell the pride in what they do. It is something to consider when making a big decision like this. I believe i have made the best choice going there.
The process is exactly as described. There is very little pain. I did 3 sessions of SMP just to get the full benefits. The results is more than I expected. Thank you Nisa and staff for everything!!
I recently had scalp micropigmentation (SMP) at Hair Scalp Center in Bangkok and was thoroughly impressed. Nisa, the owner and artist, is great at creating natural-looking hairlines with organic inks. Her attention to detail and artistic skill are remarkable, ensuring a seamless and undetectable result.
The center's use of organic inks promotes long-lasting results. Nisa's approach is not just professional but also personalized, making you feel understood and comfortable throughout the process.
In summary, for anyone considering SMP, I highly recommend the Hair Scalp Center for its exceptional service, artistic precision, and personalized care. Nisa and her team are awesome!
Richard B.
Had a great experience there, are super happpy with the result. I was 7 on the Norwood scale, so needed a few sessions, but they flew by. Very courteous and professional team. Would highly recommend to anyone considering micropigmentation.
I am a British man who lives in South Korea. Hair Scalp Center attracts international customers and it was the clinic's experience with hairlines like mine that convinced me to make the trip. Nisa is fluent in English and a wall is adorned with awards she has won.
For a week after SMP, you should avoid heavy sweating, which you might think would be impossible in Bangkok; however, the malls and cafes downtown are all kept very cool. Using these to your advantage is the way to go.
SMP was the best thing I could have done for my appearance. I feel like a different person, new and improved!
Great experience and result. Very good communications since the beginning with Line or Instagram. I had the first appointments last november and i came back for another session in may. Nisa and her teams are very professional and the result was simply amazing.
I travelled all the way from Finland to do the SMP with Nisa in Bangkok because Nisa´s results were simply the best I could find on the whole world. I am more than happy with the result and service I got and I have been feeling much more confident and carefree with my new hair. Thank you so much Nisa and the whole team and I will definitely come back at some point if I need a touch-up.
Sending much love from Finland, keep up the good work your doing ❤️
Excellent experience from every point of view, introduction, communication, quality of the clinic, level of professionalism and especially final result on my head! I don’t even live in Thailand and yet it was worthy going there. Very very happy of having choose this clinic.
Riccardo B.
Fantastic experience. I had done some research before I decided to go for SMP treatment at Hair Scalp Center. My hairline was gradually receding and there was a slow but gradual thinning of hair all around my scalp.
Having read so many positive reviews about K. Nisa and her skills, it hardly took me any time to shortlist her center for the subtle but important makeover which I needed for my hair.
The big question for me was whether SMP can work for people like me who still have lots of hair left on their scalp. I am really happy that I approached K. Nisa and her team to get the right answers. I needed subtle changes to make my hairline look a bit sharper and crispier and to make my hair appear fuller but without making it obvious that there is some work done on the hairline or the hair.
K.Nisa is really an artist at work. The results may appear magical but it needs a lot of attention to detail and a lot of hard work done by the team with precision.
K. Nisa and her colleague are masters in their craft. These are not machines but highly skilled technicians who are doing an excellent job using their hands, their tools and all their experience and giving you the precise look that you need.
By the end of the 3rd session I was able to secure the change that I was looking for. And the 4th session really helped to enhance it further.
I am grateful to K. Nisa and her team for this wonderful experience and would highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to regain or maintain their confidence with their hair and their look and are looking for a solution.
In my view this is the best place in Thailand for SMP.
Excellent for the Scalp micropigmentation! Master Nisa is very professional, friendly and the outcome was surprisingly amazing!
This place is world class service where the SMP results are amazing. It's a work of art requiring high skill level. When it comes to something so predominant like your head, you should go for the best and they are up there.
Amazing service with real professional artists, the final product is amazing, I couldn’t be happier 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Fantastic clinic, team were really good, from consultation, to final visit, no pressure, everything well explained, and executed. Will definitely go back, as and when needed. Never looked back.

I went back and forth deciding between a hair transplant or getting SMP done. Ultimately I opted for SMP and had 4 sessions done at Hair Scalp Center. I am beyond satisfied with the results. I have had friends and family ask me why I shave my head, and when I tell them it's SMP they do not believe it. It really does look like natural hair.

Nisa and her team are very professional and experienced. From start to finish I felt comfortable knowing that the best in the business was taking care of me. I cannot recommend enough, if you are balding this truly a life changer.

I had lots of doubts about this procedure and technology. It took me two years to make my mind. Checked few more shops but never got convinced.

Finally, after getting it last week I don’t regret my decision. Results are better than expected. Thanks to Nisa and team. They are best, very experienced and know what they are doing 🙏

They are very professional, the experience was really good. No pain and the result exceeded my expectations.

I've been taking medication for quite some time but it doesn't really work for me. When the hair grows, it grows everywhere on the body except my head.

SMP makes your life much easier. You feel more confident, no need to worry about anyone looking at your head again.

Business owner, singer and actor

I booked a touch-up session with them after having 3 SMP sessions from another clinic. Nisa immediately understood my needs and in just one session perfected the treatment beyond my expectations. Their service and facilities are also at the highest standards, everything felt very professional and comfortable. If you are looking for hair loss solution - SMP is the most effective and easiest treatment, and Hair Scalp Center is the best place to get it done in Asia - 100% recommended.

Nisa and her team did an outstanding job for me of full scalp micropigmentation in 4 sessions. I am a medical doctor, and I cannot imagine you will obtain better results anywhere else in the world. They first choose the perfect pigment color for your skin for the most natural result: trust them!

Nisa and Tum are highly trained and split their work, yet in perfect unison, so that they can cover large areas rapidly with identical skills.

With regard to the hairline, Nisa herself applies her mastery to design and creates a perfectly natural result. In addition, they follow perfect hygienic practice and are very kind.

Do not be concerned if the results seem subtle after the 2 first sessions, because it is the 3rd and the 4th that become magical when density increases. Do not worry, trust them fully, and you will not be disappointed.

Philippe L.

The look is very natural, it’s full.

I don’t think you need to put anything to numb the skin.

From my experience, I really recommend this place, it’s very professional, they are very nice, it’s very westernized, it’s not like you are in some dodgy place in Thailand.

It’s like really getting western standard service.


I'm from the UK from London and I'm a teacher. I've been in Thailand for 6 years.

I'm an expat and I chose SMP just because 31 years old and hair was going quite quickly and just wanted to have a choice for what kind of look I wanted and I thought SMP gave my head shape the right look so that's why I did my research and I was like: "Alright, let's do SMP rather than the hair transplant."

I think Scalp Micropigmentation is a great solution. I feel a lot better just confidence wise about my hairline, head shaven and just how I look.

Teacher in Bangkok

Before scalp micropigmentation (SMP), I felt like I had an inferiority complex and I always had to wear a hat because I felt my head was very bald and shiny.

After SMP, I think I look better and everyone said: "Wow you look cooler!"

Now I don’t have to wear a hat all the time but before, I had to take it off in some religious places and it made me uncomfortable.

Now I just feel way too hot whenever I am wearing a hat! Hahaha

Pa Tuek
Thai fashion icon

I still have most of my own hair, but I started to have a receding hairline a few years ago and I thought having SMP would give my hairline a better look.

I think it looks good, you can’t tell where my hair ends and where the SMP begins.

Hair Scalp Center seemed by far the most professional. Ajarn (Master) Nisa really answered all my questions well and made me feel confident about coming here.

Teacher in Bangkok

Ms. Nisa is the best, I was so scared before my first session but when I finished the process the result was unexpected.

Sure I would highly recommend this center and you can trust them, very professional and friendly.

Ahmad Elawad
One of my favorite practitioners. This lady has done wonders for the scalp community. Very kind and gentle soul. We wish you all the best over at Hair Scalp Center Clinic.
Scalp Revive

If you are coming to Bangkok, look no further:

the best SMP you can ever get.

Saudi_ Eagle The Kingdom

Thank you so much Master Nisa and Master Tum. You brought back my confidence. You always ensured that I felt comfortable throughout the whole procedure. Thank you for your help.

Watcharayotin Supreeyasunthorn

Master Nisa and Master Tum are perfectionists who never compromise on the quality of their work. The shop is super clean, similar to a medical clinic. Anyone who is looking for SMP should not look further and have it done here. You are in good hands and you won’t regret it.

Hair Scalp Center did a great job for me. Great result. Would recommend for anyone.

Amazing results

Nisa is an amazing Scalp Micro Pigmentation artist who is very talented and artistic with her hairlines. Congratulations Nisa on a huge sucess in our industry.

Amazing results.

Caitlin James
Co-director Scalp Micropigmentation Australia

My problem was very complex. Scars and baldness together. I contacted several centers but couldn't find the solution.

Then thanks to Hair Scalp Center, I found a team with patience and professionalism and worked on my problem.

I am now free from drugs and hair loss lotion. Thanks to all the team.

Sincerely recommend it.

Andrea Bonetti

If you are looking for the best SMP treatment in Asia, definitely this is the one. Ms. Nisa is a world-class artist and one of the group of SMP pioneers. Her training from US and UK made her the best artist in Asia.

I am an artist, and looking for a trusted artist is not that easy. If only I could remove my head and do it on my own, I would. I talked to Ms. Nisa about the style I wanted and she was able to explain it well.

Then what blew my mind was when I saw a client who had SMP done 2 months ago. It was so perfect that I dropped all my worries and let the team do it.

The result is beyond my expectation.

Thank you so much Hair Scalp Center.

Charlotte Ryan Abenido

Thank you very much for your excellent job.

Everything from beginning until end was perfect.

Adam Szkopp

Before even reaching Thailand, all communication with the guys at the clinic was very professional. I had numerous additional questions about the treatment before confirming and issuing my deposit

All queries and concerns were answered/put to bed during the emails that went back and forth. As this was a life changing decision, I had to be sure I was doing the right thing, going with the right treatment & clinic.

Upon reaching the clinic I was greeted warmly and made to feel extremely welcome. My first session involved a hair cut, which I was rather anxious about. My hair at that time was below my shoulders, which I usually tied up in a man bun. To go from that to a completely shaved head was indescribable, but it was only a matter of time before it all had to come off so I thought better now, with my dignity still in tact. I was made to feel at ease throughout the hair cut and the initial treatment.

Each session (3 in total) improved the look and density of my hairline and the top of my scalp. I also had an FUT scar that was covered during the 3 sessions. The final result was exactly what I'd hoped for.

Again, there was a lot of communication between sessions to ensure the desired outcome and to keep me rest assured that everything was okay (I had quite a few questions between sessions which helped put my mind at ease). I never had to wait more than a few hours for a response via email.

The final procedure was longer than I anticipated, this showed the clinics true professionalism. They knew I was concerned about the visible FUT scaring and spent a considerably long time on making it look as best it could, which I greatly appreciated.

My overall experience was excellent from start to finish. The kindest and sincerity was more than I could have wished for and most importantly the result was what I had hoped for.

Thank you Nisa & the whole team. See you again in the future, and good luck with everything.

Jonathan Bingham

Hello 😃

I'm 26 now and started to lose my hair at a very young age (20). I did a lot of research to find the best solution for me. First I thought about a hair transplant but it's very expensive and there are too many side effects, pain and aftercare for me. The first time I heard about scalp micropigmentation was a couple of years ago and thought that it may be the best solution for me in the future but I wasn't sure if it would look real, if it would be painful and if it would be possible with my very bright hair color. In the end, I did a lot of research and found Hair Scalp Center and Nisa.

I made an appointment and went there for my first treatment. We talked about all my fear and what I wanted. They explained everything very well before we started but I was still skeptical. After the first session I was really worried because it was very dark and not real for me, but they told me it's normal and it will look good after around one week. They were 100% right!

Now I had 3 treatments and all I can say is that it looks amazing and I'm so happy that I went to Hair Scalp Center. Just go for it! It's not painful and the team is very friendly and professional. Don't worry like me... You can trust them 100% and they really know what they do.

Thank you so much for everything 😃

Great result and reasonable price.

Highly recommend Nisa and her team!


After having done an SMP procedure in Canada, I needed some touch-ups, and I don't regret my choice to come to bangkok for that. Nisa and her team were so nice. The job is very precise, Nisa has a great knowledge and is very flexible when it comes to customer specific demands. I recommend.

I am 33 years old. I started to lose my hair I think when I was around 22. My hair started to thin. And then around 25 and 26, I started to use hair concealers and sprays for your hair to cover up the thinning. Then I think around 27, that's when I started to shave my head.

I kinda stopped going out just because I didn't like, you know, how my hair looked. I would always wear hats. And it got really inconvenient to always have a hat on everywhere.

I wouldn't say it's painful at all. I remember the 1st session, I almost fell asleep when they were doing the back of my head. If I had to compare, I would say the pain is no worse than plucking out a hair. That's like a little sting but it didn't hurt at all, no.

I would definitely recommend Hair Scalp Center. This place is very professional, they've been very nice, they've treated me well. I am very happy with my decision.


Super talented Master Nisa and her fantastic co worker Tum, worked their magic on my husband’s bald head! The results are incredible, no one can tell where his hair stops and the scalp micropigmentation starts. He looks 10 years younger too!

I would highly recommend anyone looking for scalp micropigmentation to go to Hair Scalp Center. They are so, so skilled. You will not regret using Nisa and the team - worth every penny. 😊

Amazing results.

I've been bald since I was 20 years old, like totally bald on the top of my head and I've been shaving my head every morning for 27 years but come 4-5 o'clock in the evening when I start getting the shadows when the sides and the back start growing, it makes me look old.

My new scalp micropigmentation has uplifted me. Even from the 1st session walking home back to my hotel, we were grinning with a big smile from ear to ear, it just took 15 years off me.

When I look in the mirror and look really really close and even I cannot tell it's not my own hair. The finish is outstanding.

100% I would recommend Hair Scalp Center. They are so friendly, the clinic is immaculous, spotlessly clean, very bright, very comfortable.

The biggest thank you, the biggest thank you ever for making, for changing my life. I've been bald for 27 years and now look at the finish! I'm so happy! Thank you!


I’ve had hair loss for several years, like it started about 10 years ago and I met a friend in Bangkok here who was telling me that he had a tattoo. He looked completely different in a way and I didn't know what it was. He was telling me about how he got his SMP done here at Hair Scalp Center and it just looked so real that I was totally blown away by it.

Before I was constantly wearing hats, all the time I barely went out without something on my head and since I was in Bangkok myself, I just wanted to check it out and I saw some of the results on the website and I was just blown away and I wanted to get it done.

Everything has just changed so much. Even when it just starts, when getting up in the morning, and I look into the mirror and getting much more confident, you feel much more positive about yourself.

People really assume that it's real hair so I'm really really grateful for that and I'm more than happy that I got it done. The staff here at Hair Scalp Center was incredibly professional. At first, they asked me if I wanted to have like some numbing cream so it wouldn't hurt but to be honest, it didn't hurt at all.

I would absolutely recommend it to anybody who feels insecure about their hair loss because like to me, it has been so life-changing.


I've been balding for years and have been searching around for years for a procedure that will give me the best results. The Hair Scalp Center has changed my life. Every time I look in the mirror..... I just stand there amazed, full of confidence, happy, handsome and easily looking 10+ years younger!

Nisa and Thanakom are consummate professional SMP artists. Nisa is also a master at eyebrows too!! I would tell anyone in the world to let Nisa work her magic on your head and on your eyebrows! Trust me you will leave her center filled with tears of joy. I could go on and on about Nisa and her staff’s warmth, hospitality and world class service. She has meet every need so far, since I'm from the US, and I currently live in the Middle East, I could have travelled anywhere in the world for this procedure. I’m so grateful that I found Nisa at the Hair Scalp Center and MonaNisa Beauty! I’m forever grateful for them impacting my life for the better! Believe me, as a male or a female, you owe it to yourself to call Nisa and get these life changing treatments on your head…and even on your eyebrows!

Joseph Williams
Highly professional, creative, clean and hygienic studio for all your SMP needs. The founder is very passionate about her work and gives her best in working on clients and also in teaching the students. The studio is equipped with latest instruments, machines, and best quality pigments for most natural looking results. The staff is very friendly and talented as well! So check it out!
Dr. Gaurav Raj Chhabra
Superb service from start to finish. Norwood 6 to confident again in 3 weeks 🙂
Andy Marshall
Look no further if you're after work of high quality.
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