Scalp Micropigmentation and Gray Hair

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Before / After picture of an SMP result on a man with gray hair | Hair Scalp Center | Bangkok, Thailand
Before / After picture of an SMP result on a man with gray hair

Hair loss is a common fear amongst men, particularly when it is a family trait. Many believe a receding hairline and bald spots will affect their looks negatively. With scalp micropigmentation (SMP), this problem can easily be resolved in the long term, providing the illusion of a shaved scalp rather than a simply bald head.

Another hair related fear that afflicts men as they enter into middle age is gray hair. This is one of the most obvious physical traits that one is getting older, although in some cases it can occur in younger years.

Graying After SMP

Luckily gray hairs are not anything to worry about if you have already undergone SMP or are about to undergo the procedure. When you have SMP done, you are meant to shave your scalp regularly to preserve that five o’clock shadow effect. With hair follicles being kept so short, it is unlikely for anyone to notice a difference.

Whether you have red, blond, brown, or black hair, at its shortest shaved length it will give a gray appearance. This is accounted for during your SMP procedure as the shades of ink chosen are matched against the hair color of your follicles when shaved.

If you prefer to retain a lighter tone as you accumulate more gray hair, you can choose to lengthen the period between touch-ups. SMP treatments can easily last over 5 years before you begin to notice any fading. When this happens, you can opt to postpone your touch-up, or reduce your touch-up sessions to achieve the look you desire.

Graying Before Your First SMP Treatment

As mentioned, when undergoing SMP treatment, there is color matching done. We compare the current shade of hair follicles to our pigment options to identify the most suitable shades to use in the treatments. No matter your hair color, the hair follicles on shaved scalps tend to have a gray appearance. The pigments we choose are matched against this for a natural look.

If in later touch-ups you desire a fainter shade that matches your changed appearance, we can make suitable adjustments to the pigments to achieve this. With dilution techniques it is possible to achieve lighter tones. If you prefer a darker look, blending in medium tones can help strengthen the color to what you want.

Graying tends to be a gradual process. So even if you start out with dark hair that begins to turn gray, chances are the slow fading of the SMP pigments will keep pace so you do not have to worry about an unnatural appearance. If for some reason the progression is faster than anticipated, you can still return to the clinic for an early touchup. The pigment can be diluted to achieve a lighter look that is age-appropriate.

Always keep in mind that SMP is not the same as tattooing. You need to have the procedure done by professionally trained SMP technicians in a clinical setting. A well-trained SMP technician will be best placed to identify the right pigments to match your hair, skin tone, and condition, and handle the required equipment to achieve the desired density.

Rest assured that our practitioners at Hair Scalp Center are certified from world-class SMP academies and will be fully capable of matching your graying hair with our set of inks to achieve the most natural look.