Bad Results From SMP Treatments

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Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) has proven to be very popular amongst hair loss sufferers. It is minimally invasive yet highly effective in disguising what can often be a devastating aesthetic problem.

Hair loss, for both men and women, can lead to a serious loss of confidence. Because of how exposed our heads are, it becomes embarrassing to go out knowing others will easily see exposed scalp. Many are driven to desperate measures to try and resolve the problem.

Sadly, many of the conditions that cause hair loss have a long-lasting or permanent impact. This is what makes SMP such an ideal solution. Not only does it create the illusion of intact hair follicles, but it is also a lasting remedy that does not interfere with hair regrowth, if at all possible.

Reasons for bad SMP results

To ensure the best results with this cosmetic procedure, great care must be taken in selecting the clinic and practitioners that will perform the SMP. Bad SMP results are often due to making the wrong choice in several common ways:

Unqualified SMP Technicians

With the growing demand for SMP services, some unscrupulous people assume they can perform these procedures even without the requisite training. Many will have experience in such areas as tattooing and permanent makeup. They falsely imagine they can do just as good a job but do not.

With the lack of knowledge and proper equipment, they advertise themselves as professionals in a specialization they know nothing about. It is always best to make some inquiries about the practitioners you are visiting. They should have suitable training and certifications in the area of SMP.

Poor Quality Pigments and Application

There are specific pigment grades that are suitable for SMP. When inferior quality inks are used the results are often bad. The finish may appear unnatural and bleed.

During SMP procedures, the dyes are injected into a few layers beneath the skin. They do not go as deep as normal tattooing procedures. Unqualified technicians can perform incorrect applications that go too deep and can lead to ink migration. This can also result in the color of the ink changing appearance. This sometimes means that bad SMP results can appear a while after the procedure instead of being immediately apparent.

A poor application can also occur when the wrong size of dots that are to represent hair follicles are used. Too large or small can give the scalp an unnatural appearance.


Because SMP procedures are considered minimally invasive, some people think that not as much care has to be given to issues such as hygiene. However, well-trained technicians understand that as long as skin is broken, there is still a high risk of infection.

It is paramount that high standards of hygiene are maintained throughout the clinic, with equipment, treatment rooms, and with the technicians themselves. Pre and post-treatment routines also need to be carefully and sterilely undertaken. This not only reassures the client but also limits the risk of infections that can be harmful to health.

To avoid any possible bad SMP results, your choice of the clinic should be carefully considered. Besides maintaining a high standard of hygiene, the clinic must be appropriately equipped and staffed with technicians that have been specifically trained in carrying out SMP procedures on different types of hair loss clients. Read more information on our website to assess if Hair Scalp Center is the right SMP provider for you and don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries and book a video or in-person consultation in our facilities in Bangkok, Thailand.