Barak Reviews His Scalp Micropigmentation Experience at Hair Scalp Center in Bangkok, Thailand

Why Did You Choose To Do Scalp Micropigmentation At Hair Scalp Center?
Hi, my name is Barak and I’m coming from the USA.
I was researching the subject for quite some time, comparing between different companies.
I looked at many different results, spoke to different people, about the price, about the procedure, and after really kinda taking the time, to figure out, I decided to go with your company (Hair Scalp Center).
How Many Sessions Did You Have and Did It Hurt?
I had 3 sessions, I think it was like about 2 hours each one. It is painful but it’s very endurable.
It’s not fun, you do wait for it to be over but it’s not a big deal.
I don’t think it’s, for most men
I don’t think you need to put anything to numb the skin
or stuff like that.
Just bring your phone, watch some movie, while it’s going on
and yeah, it’s not a big deal.
Did You Have To Shave Your Hair?
I came here, I actually had long hair with a ponytail which I had for 15 years so it was quite a dramatic move but it was time because it started to look really funny.
Result before and right after the 3rd SMP session | Hair Scalp Center | Bangkok, Thailand
Result before and right after the 3rd SMP session
What Do You Think Of The SMP Result?
From what I see, the 3rd session was just finished, it is even more than what I expected.
The look is very natural, it’s full.
When I was looking into other places, so many times, the look was really not natural.
The holes (dots) from the pigments were very big.
This is something you really should not compromise, because you go with your head, your face, everybody sees it all the time.
So even though it wasn’t maybe the cheapest, it’s still like for the price difference, it’s not even a question about (whether) it’s really worth it.
How Was Your Experience At Hair Scalp Center?
From my experience, I really recommend this place, it’s very professional, they are very nice, it’s very westernized, it’s not like you are in some dodgy place in Thailand.
It’s like really getting western standard service.