Meet our SMP practitioners

  • Registered Nurse, SMP and PMU Master


    Registered Nurse, SMP and PMU Master

  • SMP Pro Artist


    SMP Pro Artist

  • SMP Artist


    SMP Artist

Hair Scalp Center team is led by Nisanard (Nisa) Do Minh, a renowned permanent make-up artist and trainer in Thailand.

Nisa began focusing on scalp micropigmentation in 2013 and has since improved her knowledge and skills by getting trained in highly reputed academies in Europe and the US.

She is often invited at international permanent make-up conferences to advocate the benefits of scalp micropigmentation.

Nisa has personally trained her two fellow technicians Outama (Saa) Thammalangsy, and Sipapha (Muay) Phommachak.

Artists Saa and Muay have had the privilege of closely observing and learning from Master Nisa during her work. This invaluable mentorship has shaped their understanding of SMP techniques, allowing them to integrate their expertise and insights into their own practice.

The Hair Scalp Center team is committed to refining their skills and expanding their knowledge by regularly attending international conferences.

Clients often praise their professionalism, the natural look of the final result, the facilities and hygiene of the clinic.

Below is a list of their awards, certificates, conference participations. Click on any picture to enlarge it.

Nisa's awards, conferences, trainings and certificates