Hair Scalp Center Team


  • Our artists are professionals certified from internationally renowned scalp micropigmentation academies and have extensive experience in delivering exceptional, lasting scalp micropigmentation results on clients with different skin types and color. We have diversified our permanent make-up skills to specialize in SMP and implant the pigment at the right depth using different shades to achieve long-lasting and natural-looking results.
  • Our SMP pigments are made from a unique formulation of high quality pure black carbon-based pigment. Therefore, the color cannot change over time contrary to other pigments which are usually made of constituent colors that may degrade and separate into their individual shades.
  • Our SMP practitioners will create thousands of impressions at the right size by applying the right amount of pressure to the needle to replicate real shaven hair follicles.
  • We select with care multiple shades, mix them and apply the pigments into the scalp skin to perfectly match each client.
  • During the consultation, we review your medical history to check if there are contraindications or precautions to be taken before, during or after the SMP treatment.
  • We sterilize all our instruments and equipment using hospital grade sterilization methods to ensure the safest environment for our clients.
  • We leverage our deep understanding of the skin anatomy to develop a more elaborate tattoo technique.
  • Although we prefer not using local anesthesia to avoid non desirable skin reactions during the procedure, a numbing cream can still be applied to minimize the level of pain.
  • All our equipment is carefully cleaned with disinfecting wipes or sterilized by UV radiation or in an autoclave.
  • Our modern, clean, spacious clinic facilities along with our dedicated team will make you feel comfortable as we want your experience to be excellent.


Nisa, Registered Nurse, SMP lead professional technician and Master Permanent make-up artist

Thanakom, SMP professional technician