Become a Scalp Micro Pigmentation technician by learning SMP from experienced trainers at Hair Scalp Center and help change the lives of people with hair loss problems.

รายละเอียดหลักสูตรอื่นทั้งหมดสามารถดูได้ที่ลิ้งค์ด้านล่างนี้ www.hairscalpcenter.com/en/training/smp-courses/.


  • Learn the different scales of hair loss.
  • Master the equipment and scalp pigment fundamentals.
  • Understand the differences between pigments for scalp and pigments used in permanent make-up.
  • Select the right shades to perfectly suit the customer.
  • Choose the right hairline style to suit the customer.
  • Determining the right needle depth.
  • Learn how to create hairlines and patterns.
  • Find the right density and dot spacing.
  • Set up the room.
  • Prepare the workstation for safety and cleanliness.
  • Plan a procedure over multiple sessions.
  • Understand the process from receiving the customer until the end of the procedure.
  • Practice on paper, rubber, other material and on real models.
  • Learn how to blend with existing hair.
  • Understand the differences between working on long hair and shaven hair.

What is required to enroll for the SMP Essentials Course?

The course is open to beginners so you don't need any prior experience about SMP. After the completion of 6 SMP procedures which will all have to meet our quality standards, you will be awarded an SMP Advanced Practitioner Certification. You will then be eligible for the SMP Master Practitioner Course.


  • A training booklet, a pen, a pencil and a notebook.
  • A ruler and wax pencil for drawing on the scalp.
  • A disposable dressing set.
  • A set of pigments specifically made for scalp.
  • A marker pen and ink holder.
  • A clear face mask.
  • A blue pad.
  • A gauze pad.
  • A fake skin and other material for practice.
  • A live model for practice.
  • Aftercare items.
  • A certificate of completion if you pass a written, oral and practice exams on a real model.


  • We have several years of experience with Scalp Micro Pigmentation and learnt from the world leaders in SMP.
  • We were one of the pioneers in Thailand to provide Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatments and we are now one of the most talented and recognized specialists in the field.
  • We provide equipment of quality because we expect our students to use good and safe products to obtain high-quality results.


  • Nisa has extensive experience in SMP and keeps learning from world-renowned SMP institutions on a regular basis to perfect her technique.
  • She often holds conferences about SMP to introduce the field to permanent make-up artists.
  • She attended the first worldwide scalp micropigmentation conference in 2016 in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.
  • She has also been using different pigments and equipment and can then advise on the best products to use.

ตารางเรียน และค่าใช้จ่าย

4 วัน

การเรียนการสอนเริ่มจาก 9:00-16:00 รวมอุปกรณ์ชุดใหญ่ครบเซต ตารางเรียนมีดังต่อไปนี้

เดือนกันยา 2562ตุลา 2562พฤศจิกา 2562ธันวา 2562
DAY 1จันทร์ 2 ก.ย.อังคาร 1 ต.ค.พุธ 6 พ.ย.พุธ 18 ธ.ค.
DAY 2อังคาร 3 ก.ย.พุธ 2 ต.ค.พฤหัส 7 พ.ย.พฤหัส 19 ธ.ค.
DAY 3พุธ 4 ก.ย.พฤหัส 3 ต.ค.ศุกร์ 8 พ.ย.ศุกร์ 20 ธ.ค.
DAY 4พฤหัส 5 ก.ย.ศุกร์ 4 ต.ค.เสาร์ 9 พ.ย.เสาร์ 21 ธ.ค.

Book this course by sending us a message on our Facebook page or sending us an . To confirm your attendance, you will need to deposit ฿10,000 in a bank account whose details will be provided privately.


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