Do you want to improve your Scalp Micro Pigmentation skills? We provide a course for experienced SMP technicians to further develop your skills.

The complete list of available courses can be found at www.hairscalpcenter.com/en/training/smp-courses/.

What you will be able to do

  • Consolidate your knowledge of the different scales of hair loss.
  • Further understand the core equipment and pigments used for scalp.
  • Understand the differences between pigments for scalp and pigments used in permanent make-up.
  • Select the right shades to perfectly suit the customer.
  • Learn more hairline styles to match the customer's needs.
  • Determining the right needle depth.
  • Improve your skills to create more natual hairlines and patterns.
  • Have a better control of the density and dot spacing.
  • Prepare the workstation for safety and cleanliness.
  • Understand the process from receiving the customer until the end of the procedure.
  • Practice on paper, rubber, other material and on real models.
  • Improve your blending skills with existing hair.
  • Work more efficiently on long hair.

What is required to enroll for the SMP Master Practitioner Course?

  • You must have passed our SMP Essentials Course and we must have certified you as an SMP Advanced Practitioner by having completed 6 SMP procedures with our quality standards.
  • If you haven't taken our SMP Essentials Course, you will need at least 1 year of SMP practice to be eligible to enroll for the SMP Master Practitioner Course.
  • You will still need to pass a test to verify your skills before qualifying for the SMP Master Practitioner Course.

What does the course include?

  • A training booklet, a pen, a pencil and a notebook.
  • A ruler and wax pencil for drawing on the scalp.
  • A disposable dressing set.
  • A set of pigments specifically made for scalp.
  • A marker pen and ink holder.
  • A clear face mask.
  • A blue pad.
  • A gauze pad.
  • A fake skin and other material for practice.
  • A live model for practice.
  • Aftercare items.

Why choosing Hair Scalp Center?

  • We have several years of experience with Scalp Micro Pigmentation and learnt from the world leaders in SMP.
  • We were one of the pioneers in Thailand to provide Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatments and we are now one of the most talented and recognized specialists in the field.
  • We provide equipment of quality because we expect our students to use good and safe products to obtain high-quality results.

Meet your instructor

  • Nisa has extensive experience in SMP and keeps learning from world-renowned SMP institutions on a regular basis to perfect her technique.
  • She often holds conferences about SMP to introduce the field to permanent make-up artists.
  • She attended the first worldwide scalp micropigmentation conference in 2016 in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.
  • As an experienced registered nurse, she is often invited to speak at permanent make-up events to educate artists about hygiene and cleanliness.
  • She has been using different pigments and equipment and can then advise on the best products to use.

Schedule and pricing

2 days
This course is not currently available. The schedule will appear as soon as it is available.

Reviews from our students

Disclaimer: This feedback is the subjective opinion of an actual customer as experience may vary by individual.
Disclaimer: This feedback is the subjective opinion of an actual customer as experience may vary by individual.

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