How much does scalp micropigmentation cost?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) has become an increasingly popular hair loss solution thanks to the excellent value for money achieved. Because of its long-lasting effectiveness in covering up signs of hair loss, many consider it a much better solution than the costlier hair transplants. Not to mention it is less invasive and painful.

Cheaper options like medications and topical applications tend to have minimal effect, which takes a long time to be ascertained. With SMP the results are visible right from the first session and get better with each visit.

The treatments last 4-6 years before any fading is noticed. This is a long period during which you have ample time to plan on your return visit to the clinic for a touch-up.

How Cost Is Calculated

When it comes to the SMP cost, it is good to remember that each person is affected differently when it comes to hair loss. For some it can be an issue of patches, while for others it could be just a receding hairline. This means that when evaluating clients, we must consider each case on its own merit to understand the level of treatment that will be called for.

Typically, clients will require just 3 sessions for full treatment. The sessions are spaced some days apart to give the scalp enough time to heal and the pigments to settle.

Cost of SMP for men, hair density and alopecia

For men, the Norwood scale is applied during pricing. This scale grades the severity of male pattern baldness suffered from Stages I to VII, the most advanced stage being Alopecia. It determines the level of treatment needed to cover the affected area.

Norwood Scale
Level2 - 2A - 33 Vertex - 3A - 4 - 4A5 - 7Alopecia Totalis
Price for 3 sessions฿35,000 - 39,000฿45,000 - 49,000฿55,000 - 69,000฿89,000
Avg. session duration1h - 2h2h - 2h30min2h30min - 4h6h
Price for touch-up฿9,900฿10,000 - 14,000฿15,000 - 18,000฿29,000

Cost of SMP for women

For women, the Norwood and Ludwig scales are used. The Ludwig scale ranges from Stages I to III with a focus on female pattern baldness that tends to present at the crown of the head.

Ludwig Scale
LevelFrontal Norwood 2Frontal Norwood 2A1D2A2B3Advanced
Price for 3 sessions฿29,000฿39,000฿39,000฿45,000฿49,000฿69,000฿79,000
Avg. session duration1h1h30min1h30min2h30min3h3h30min5h
Price for touch-up฿9,900฿13,000฿13,000฿14,000฿16,000฿23,000฿27,000

Cost of SMP for FUT, FUE, Plug scars

The coverage of FUE scars with SMP usually requires more work than FUT scars, hence a higher average cost for covering FUE scars.

Get 50% OFF on the cost of the SMP for the scar if you combine it with an SMP treatment for the rest of the scalp.

Price for 3 sessions฿16,900-25,000฿20,000-35,000
Avg. session duration1h2h
Price for touch-up฿7,000-9,900฿9,900-15,000

Also, note that different people have different hair density. To achieve a natural-looking result, we will need to consider how densely spread your hair follicles are and apply this to the areas that will undergo SMP. If you have naturally thinly distributed hair, you can request a denser look over the entire scalp for a fuller appearance.

If there is any scalp condition or scarring to be considered, this may also be factored into the cost of the treatment. Issues like flaky skin and sensitive areas caused by previous transplant procedures can affect how we approach this treatment. Be sure to provide your technician with full disclosure on all the hair loss treatments you have previously attempted for the best results.

To get a good idea of how much your treatment will cost, you can take pictures of your front, back, sides, and top of your head and send them to the clinic for an assessment. This will allow us to provide you a cost estimate and a mock-up picture of the likely results you can expect with the SMP treatment.

Where possible, a face-to-face consultation will work best so your scalp can be better examined and you have the chance to raise whatever issues of concern you have directly. Otherwise, we can arrange a video chat if you prefer. Feel free to contact us to book an appointment for a complimentary consultation.

We accept debit or credit cards without any surcharge fee. If you pay cash, you will benefit from a 3% discount.

Once you have paid a deposit for your SMP treatment, the remaining amount will need to be paid upon checkout on the day of the first session.