Pa Tuek, a Thai Fashion Icon Was Always Wearing a Hat Until He Had SMP Done at Hair Scalp Center

My name is Pa Tuek Pusit, I had scalp micropigmentation (SMP) done at Hair Scalp Center almost a month ago.

Before SMP, I felt like I had an inferiority complex, always wearing a hat. Because I felt my head very bald and shiny. But after Scalp micropigmentation (SMP), I am already 70, don't I look younger now? Hahaha LOL

I think I look better and I got more modeling job offers since then. Everyone said: "wow you look cooler!"

I don’t have to wear a hat all the time. But before, I had to take my hat off in some religious places and it made me uncomfortable. Now I just feel way too hot whenever I am wearing a hat! Hahaha

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