Dean's story

Hi, I'm Dean from London.

I've been bald since I was 20 years old, like totally bald on the top of my head and I've been shaving my head every morning for 27 years

but come 4-5 o'clock in the evening when I start getting the shadows when the sides and the back start growing, it makes me look old.

What does the SMP procedure feel like?

It feels like very light scratches, nothing like a normal tattoo.

It's not a very uncomfortable procedure at all.

How many SMP sessions did you have?

I've had 4 sessions, about between 2 and 3 hours per session.

The first session is very light but instantly noticeable.

The 2nd session is a little bit darker.

The 3rd session they start adding color and the 4th session is just a final going over.

Once it settles, they see if there is any spot that's missed and just to give you the fantastic finish that I ended up with.

How do you feel about your new SMP look?

My new scalp micropigmentation has uplifted me.

Even from the 1st session walking home back to my hotel,

we were grinning with a big smile from ear to ear,

it just took 15 years off me.

What were people's reaction to it?

Every single person I have told, the first comment that comes out of their mouth is:

“You're lying, no way!”

And then of course, they do the same thing as what I do

when I look in the mirror, and look really really close and

even I cannot tell it's not my own hair. The finish is outstanding.

Would you recommend Hair Scalp Center?

100% I would recommend Hair Scalp Center.

They are so friendly, the clinic is immaculous, spotlessly clean, very bright, very comfortable.

And you know, they give you tea, they even made us lunch.

Any final words?

The biggest thank you,

the biggest thank you ever for making, for changing my life.

I've been bald for 27 years and now look at the finish!

I'm so happy! Thank you!

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